The Junction Teen Center Mural

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The Junction Teen Center White River Junction Vt.

I donated this to my friend Nancy, to inspire the youth to paint. It worked, they painted the rest of the walls.

This took about 24 hours to do, Not all in a row

As you can see this started out to be something different and also used to have a covered bridge in it.

Believe it or not, but alot of people that go to the teen center alot don't notice it untill someone points it out.

Relax and clear your mind. I'd love to paint lobbies and Offices.

Strong winds embraces the golden wheat.

Mostly done, had to work on the sky some more

Nancy, She started the center, she rocks.

This was and is Nancy's favorite spot, wasn't allowed to change it.

Picture is missing alittle for ground but that it. Done. About 95 sq. feet

The bridge didn't fit (perspectivelly) after I added definition and shadows. So I leveled it.

I did like the bridge, but it looked wrong compaired to the house, would have had to move it forward about 20 feet in the painting.

Some final details and new shubberies were added and I called it done.

This is what it wound up like, I like it too.