some of my past paintings

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Just a few paintings that I've done

Most of the paintings on this page have been sold. However I thought others may enjoy them, so I've been saving the images and selling them so others can enjoy them. They're very affordable. $35.00 each and make great gifts. Many of my popular paintings are being enjoyed by dozens of people. The copies are 8x10 inches, in a matted 16x13 inch frame. Original paintings start around $50.00 for 8x10 inch (unframed) on canvas. I'm thinking about doing some oil paintings again. I did 6 when I first started painting.

Still have this one I think, kicking around somewhere. still can't find it?


NEW, will be on display at Thirty 9 main, December 2008 Gallery Walk

My brush was guided for this one, A friend wanted to give a gift to his future wife


This was another custom, They never called back, still got it

My only angry painting, lol, sold

Sold, I was playing with my computer (framing thing)

Still got this one. look for it in my Gallery Walks

still have this one, I really don't like it but my kids wont let me paint over my stuff anymore. lol

small portion of a bigger painting, Gave it away to someone? They liked it. I give them away once and a while to a good home.

Gave this one away to be auctioned off to help something or someone?


this is 1/2 of one

Think I painted over this one, What ti turned into I don't know

I liked this one (rare) lol. The guy who bought several others got this one too.

This is a small section of a landscape that was 7 feet long before a small fire from a light bulb. Repainted it and shortened it by 2 feet, After it was sold I heard it may have been destroyed in a house fire.

This is the other 1/2 of the one


sold, after I repainted for the 5th time

Sold, and also several framed copies.

Gave this one away to be auctioned off to help something or someone? However I did see it for sale in the local used goods store. someone bought it.